What Time Does Ei Get Deposited

Can I get a bridging loan to help with a deposit even if it is my first time on property market?

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My partner and I love our flat which we currently rent. Our landlord has offered to sell it to us as he is moving to New Zeland. The property is worth 拢110,000 and we can get a mortgage for 拢144,000 and have 拢2500 saved but we need a deposit of 拢10,000. We are desperate to buy the flat!

Any advise would be much appreciated!

Thanks.|||Subject to your credit status, you should be able to get a 'high-street' loan for the 拢10k.

Having a 拢10k loan will affect the amount of mortgage you can borrow, but if you currently qualify for 拢144k, you should still be able to borrow 拢100k.

Don't forget you will need money for a full survey, mortgage arrangement fees and legal costs - expect that lot to be another 拢2k.|||You are not in a position to buy it. If you do not have the down payment in cash, you cannot borrow it. no bank will allow this.

What if I made a mistake in my EI report? —

by E.I. consultant @ Canadian Unemployment Insurance

Mistake in EI reporting Don’t worry if you have made a mistake in your EI report. All you need to do is to call EI call centre to let the Service Canada agent know where you have made your mistake. You will not be penalized or be accused of fraud. For example, if you have...

What happen if my tenants don't move out on time and I have their deposit?

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I asked for 2 months notice if they move out in Orange county NY. They gave me 2 weeks and still didn't move out by the first of Sept but moved out on the 5th. I have their security deposit. Do I charge them an amount of money?|||They owe rent for the 60 day period (you better have that in writing), it does not matter when they actually moved out.|||You get to charge them the amount on the lease agreement - 2 months

Where could i get a home based part time jobs without having to pay any deposit money?

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i have tried mostly all the placed but could not find a home based part time jobs without having to pay any deposit money pls some one help me|||You need to send your resume out to real jobs you are qualified to do.

In your cover letter you need to state that you wish to work remotely, from your home office. LOTS of companies, especially in CA operate this way. They usually provide transportation for you to come in for an interview and for you to attend company meetings a few times a year, but otherwise everything is done online.|||the morons at constant-content.com will put you to work!

What time/day does Irs direct deposit tax refunds?

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I hear they do the dd's on fridays, but I checked the where's my refund site and it said I'd be getting it on the 14th, Monday. Also, if they only refund on fridays what time of day do they do it? Thanks.|||I got my refund at exactly 12:01 AM this morning, Friday.

My bank allows me to see my account update in real time.

I just happened to be logged in Thursday night, just before 12

and saw it deposited at 12:01 AM Friday.

The "Where's My Refund" site said it would be deposited today.

It yours says the 14th, I'm betting you'll have it late Sunday

night or very early Monday.

.|||in my expirience it is always there first thing in the morning but today i have still yet to get mine :) but i did stumble on this info....Turbo Tax E-filers Refund Delay


Taxpayers who filed their tax returns electronically using Turbo Tax by Intuit may experience a delay in getting their refunds due to a ‘processing error’ by Turbo Tax. The Turbo Tax spokesperson, Julie Miller issued a statement:

“We deeply regret the inconvenience this has caused these customers. We made a mistake and are doing everything we can to make it right. We are communicating directly with customers affected and of course, we’ve waived all TurboTax fees.”

This error affects possibly thousands of taxpayers who opted to receive their refunds via direct deposit. If you are one of the affected taxpayers, you will be receiving your tax refund by paper check instead. Furthermore, the IRS will mail your check approximately one week after the day you were scheduled to get your direct deposit.|||The older MF system releases refunds overnight on Thursday night through Friday morning. It's a huge batch and takes several hours to transmit.

The newer CADE system releases refunds around the clock 7 days per week.

The length of time that the funds take to get to your account depends largely upon your bank's posting procedures. If they post in real time it can be there in minutes. If they batch process at end-of-day, a Thursday night transmission would process Friday night and be posted as of beginning of the next banking day, which would be Monday.

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What is S.Tax Deposit time it Depend On how I Services provided But Whats Limit?

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If you are an individual, proprietary concern or a partnership firm, the service tax has to be deposited on the fifth day following the quarter for which the service tax is paid.

That is for the receipts during the months April to Jun, the service tax deposit has to be made on or before 5th of July.

If you are paying through e-payment mode then you can pay upto 6th. If the last day is an holiday for the banks, you can pay on the next working day.

For the month of July to September 5th October is the due date. For October to December January 5th is the due date.

For the months of January to March however you have to pay on or before 31st March.

If you are not an individual, proprietary or partnership concern, then you have to deposit service tax on or before the 5th day of the next month.

For example for the month of April you have to pay on or before 5th May and so on.

For e-payment as usual 6th is the due date. For the month of March service tax has to be deposited on or before 31 st March.

for more information visit.http://servicetax.weebly.com/tax-payment鈥?/a>

Are your employees’ tips subject to CPP and EI withholdings?

Are your employees’ tips subject to CPP and EI withholdings?

by troutlakegroup @ employment insurance (EI) – Trout Lake Group

A recent Tax Court of Canada case revisited the topic of employee tips and whether the employer is responsible to withhold CPP and EI on the tip amount earned by employees. If the employer controls the tip amount or controls the distribution of the tip, then CPP and EI should be withheld.  An employer is […]

Having surgery while on regular EI —

by E.I. consultant @ Canadian Unemployment Insurance

When you are on regular EI, you may collect up to 4 weeks of sickness benefits without having to convert your claim from regular to sickness benefits. However, you must insure you have doctor’s note to cover those weeks that you are unavailable to look for work because Service Canada may send you a letter...

What time will the IRS deposit the money to HSBC (H&R blocks bank)?

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Will the IRS deposit this money to HSBC and other banks at Midnight or have they already sent the federal funds? I'm getting mine put on a H%26amp;R block Emerald Card, when can I expect to see my refund if Im scheduled to have it tomorrow? There will be no 3rd bank - HSBC will take their fees and then automatically credit my card for the rest...|||Everyone I spoke to stated that they received theirs on the EC that morning... I am expecting mine tomorrow also on EC. Will let you know if it comes. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and me!!

Checked this morning at 6:39 CST money is on my emerald card... Hope to hear the same from you!! Aye-Aye!!! Happy shopping and bill paying! :)|||I am going through the same crap right now!! I was denied for the RAL for the first time in 6 years so I got a call saying I will get in 8-15 days, well tomorrow (friday) is supposed to be that day. I called H%26amp;R block and they told me any fees that I did not have to pay will be put on the Emerald card if I opted to use that card for my refund source. there will be no seperate fees from other banks or anything. I filed Jan 27 2010 so the IRS payment schedule is set for tomorrow (Feb 5th) if you filed the 26, 27 or 28th.|||Dear S: Check tomorrow morning, but I have heard noon EST.

This advice was prepared based on our understanding of the tax law in effect at the time it was written as it applies to the facts that you provided. Click on my profile to read more. Errol Quinn Enrolled Agent|||It's now 4pm central time, 5pm EST, and my DD has stilll not been posted to my emerald card...I spoke to a customer service representative who assured me it would be posted today between 1pm and midnight. I guess time will tell......|||tomorrow morning.|||usually between midnight and 3 am

Employment Insurance (EI)

Employment Insurance (EI)

by troutlakegroup @ employment insurance (EI) – Trout Lake Group

The best place to find information regarding EI (employment insurance benefits) is on the Service Canada website. Some key points from their website include the following: Am I eligible for EI regular benefits? You may be entitled to receive EI regular benefits if you: have paid premiums into the EI Account; lost your employment through […]

One more thing to add to your pre-baby to-do list: Apply for EI maternity benefits

One more thing to add to your pre-baby to-do list: Apply for EI maternity benefits

Today's Parent

There's lots to do before baby arrives—finish the nursery, pack your hospital bag and apply for EI. This is how EI maternity benefits work in Canada.

Be a Santa and not a Scrooge to your staff

Be a Santa and not a Scrooge to your staff

by troutlakegroup @ Trout Lake Group

T’is the time of year to thank your employees for their hard work and dedication.  You may do this with gifts and a holiday party.  As you want to be a Santa and not a Scrooge, it is important to plan the gifts and social event so that they are not considered taxable benefits according […]

How to File for Unemployment Benefits

How to File for Unemployment Benefits

The Balance

How to file for unemployment insurance, eligibility, the information you need for filing a claim, waiting periods and claim dates, taxes, and payments.

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than 100 cancer patients and their sibli…

2018 Easter Monday EI payment delay —

by E.I. consultant @ Canadian Unemployment Insurance

Due to 2018  Easter weekend, Federal Government Employment Insurance office will be closed on Friday March 30th and Monday April 2nd, 2018. Payment will be issue on Tuesday April 5th, 2018. All EI claimants (regular or special) may experience a delay of one or two business days in receiving their Employment Insurance cheques or direct...

Can I take vacation while on EI?

by E.I. consultant @ Canadian Unemployment Insurance

Can I travel within or outside Canada while on EI? Yes you can! Unlike many rumors out there that says you are not allowed to go on vacation, you are permitted to do so as long as you declare in your EI report that you are “away” or “not available to look for work”. By...

Time Deposit Formula?

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I want to open a Time Deposit Account, the bank gave me a interest of 3.65% for a three months time deposit. Can you help me compute how much my $2,000 will earn in cash, if you can give the formula it will be much helpfull so I could compare with 3,6,12 months plan|||Bank deposits compound daily using Actual/360 accrual. The formula is:

F = P * (1+R/360)^N


F = Future Value

P = present Value

R = annual rate

N = actual number of days.

In your case, the interest paid will depend on how many days are in the three months in question:

90 days: $18.33

91 days $18.54

92 days $18.74|||interest = principal x rate x term|||that is an awful rate %26amp; should not do it.|||A deposit account of $2,000 at 3.65% (simple interest) per year for three months earns $2,000 x 0.0365 / 12 x 3 = $18.25 in interest. If the bank compounds, which they may or may not do, your interest will be slightly higher.

Hope this helps|||Dear friend,I found a website that people can earn money online.

Its link is http://www.kazook.net/?r=284

Members earn money via using google,yahoo search in the website.

You can get money by every search.

The more you use the search engine,the more money you will earn.

Some members can earn 3000 dollars per month.

People can really receive money from the website.

Finally hope you good luck!

What time of day does the irs usually direct deposit refunds?

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I was expecting a direct deposit today (Friday) and it's 4pm and I don't have it yet?? Can anyone help me?|||If it was deposited today, it won't show up in your account til tomorrow. Banks post deposits after midnight.|||Peggy K is the closest to the actual process. Once the bank receives ANY electronic deposit, the funds must be made available to the customer the same day by law.|||It is all a matter of posting. The bank will have the funds (unless something has gone horribly wrong, which I doubt). They will post it either today or tomorrow but will give it an effective date of today. My bank posted on the Thursday night for my state refund but it had an effective date of the Friday.|||The process is this:

1. The IRS authorizes the Treasury dept. to release the funds to the bank.

2. The Treasury dept. sends the info to the bank electronically whenever somebody actually sees it there and clicks the mouse.

3. The bank takes it's own sweet time putting the funds into your account.

It should go in today, but the bank can hold up processing for 1-2 business days.

We're all at the mercy of whoever is operating the computer.|||Postings are done overnight.|||I got mine overnight the day they deposited it. If they were going to deposit it today, you should have received it by now.

What time of day does the irs deposit the stimulus payments?

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I am supposed to have my payment direct deposited into my account by today, but so far I have nothing|||It's still morning. It depends on your bank as well. Only those with their last 2 numbers of the social security number 00-20 will get theirs today.

Here's the schedule:

LAST two SSN digits: Payments will be transmitted no later than:

00 through 20 May 2

21 through 75 May 9

76 through 99 May 16|||I'm in the same boat.

I have seen other places on here where people have said that it was because fees were taken out of my refund to pay for Turbo Tax...and because of that, it would be mailed instead of direct deposited.|||You should have already gotten it this morning... most banks update at midnight...

Alot of people gotten theirs.. it just wasn't the amount they had hoped for.|||i heard that starting at 8:30am est is when the checks are supposed to be deposited today. keep your fingers crossed|||ok your question was 3 days ago can you tell me when you did get it deposited?|||Mine was supposed to be here. Its not.|||I see mine was in my bank account at 5 AM this morning...05/02/08

Get Canadian Tax Payments and Benefits Quickly With Direct Deposit

Get Canadian Tax Payments and Benefits Quickly With Direct Deposit


How to arrange direct deposit with the Canada Revenue Agency so Canadian tax payments are deposited directly into your bank account.

This Is Not America

This Is Not America

by noreply@blogger.com (Matthias Grässlin) @ MANITOU

Das System der Befehle ist allgemein anerkannt. Am schärfsten ausgeprägt hat es sich wohl in den Armeen. Aber viele andere Bereiche des zivilisierten Lebens sind vom Befehl ergriffen und gezeichnet. Der Tod als Drohung ist die Münze der Macht. Es ist leicht, hier Münze auf Münze zu legen und enorme Kapitalien anzusammeln. Wer der Macht beikommen will, der muß den Befehl ohne Scheu ins Auge fassen und die Mittel finden, ihn seines Stachels zu berauben.

- Elias Canetti, Masse und Macht (Crowds and Power), Schluß

According to the Syrian Uprising 2011 Information Center (16/11/2011), the place where this man is tortured and mistreated is Kafr Nabl, 40 km south of Idlib, Syria.

At what time should the GST direct deposit check be in my bank account?

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Anyone else getting it today? Is it usually automatic at midnight?|||I have received mine already. Sometimes there is a lag of a few hours due to your actual bank.

What time do IRS direct deposit refunds hit bank account (thru turbotax/metabank)?

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Mine was in my account when I woke up this morning, today 2/12 is the date it was set to arrive so its on time. Good luck to everyone.|||From the many other answers/responses out there for other similar questions, I'm going to have to say anytime starting Thursday night through Friday evening. Mine is due to be direct deposited on 2/12/10 (which it is now 2:15am on 2/12) and I still have nothing pending in my account. I've read that they come in batches because of the numerous people and banks to match. Hopefully it will post sometime before 10am so I can get some bills paid and shopping in before getting my kids off the bus in the afternoon.|||I use Cascade Bank in WA and haven't seen it deposited yet. We've been checking it every hour or so since midnight. Most people have said they had received it by 10am though, so I'm hoping it will be in there by then.|||I'm waiting on mine as well and its not there.. guess we just have to be patient and wait. It sucks but a quick nap and its morning.. Feels like Christmas when I was a kid lol.|||expected today 2/12 just checked BOA but not here yet.|||I bank with BOA in Oklahoma and received mine at 1:30 am|||hasnt hit mine yet...ive got fidelity|||Nope! haven't received mine yet either which it's now 4am.|||I'm in Oregon, expected dd 2/12... not here yet|||There is no set time. Do you have a deadline to pay back your bookie or something?

No Time for Losers

No Time for Losers

by noreply@blogger.com (Matthias Grässlin) @ MANITOU

Darwinian principles should apply in the euro zone and the rule of survival of the fittest prevail, with the strongest economies having the leading say in how the bloc is run, Finland's Europe Minister Alex Stubb said on Thursday. Setting out his argument for the euro zone's six triple-A rated countries to have more influence in the region's economic management, Stubb said the 13-year-old currency needed to look to its strongest members to secure the future. "We've been looking at the whole debate from the wrong end, we've been looking at countries that we need to save and help all the time," he told Reuters in an interview. "For me, the euro is a Darwinist system, it is the survival of the fittest. The markets take care of that, and I think that's the best way we can keep up market pressure," said Stubb, who is himself a fitness fanatic and frequently completing Ironman triathlons.

- Reuters, 17 November 2011

Welche Werkzeuge findet der Planet-Manager vor? Wie kann er seinen Auftrag wahrnehmen, während ringsumher die überflüssigen Massen nicht nur nach Brot, sondern nach Lebenssinn schreien? Wenn die ständigen Massaker auf dem ganzen Globus sich immer unabweisbarer als Schlachten im Kampf um Wasser und Ackerboden entpuppen?

Zunächst muß überwacht werden, und zwar gründlich und lückenlos. Hitlers Drittes Reich hatte für damalige Verhältnisse einen gewaltigen Lausch- und Spähapparat aufgebaut, aber verglichen mit den Verhältnissen unter Stalin, und natürlich erst recht im Vergleich zu den heutigen Möglichkeiten, war er eine recht altmodische und klapprige Angelegenheit…

Es wird auch selektiert werden müssen. Gut, die Sache der Menschenrechte hat in der zweiten Jahrhunderthälfte Fortschritte gemacht, kein Zweifel…

Dennoch, es wird selektiert. Hier und heute.

Manchmal findet die Auswahl äußerst konkret statt, und dann zeigt sich, daß sie immer noch nach alten Kriterien funktioniert. Rupert Neudeck, der Initiator der „Cap Anamur“-Hilfe, hat erst jüngst darauf hingewiesen, daß bei den großen Massakern in Ruanda zunächst und reflexhaft die Weißen ausgeflogen wurden – einschließlich belgischer Nonnen, die sich solche rassistische Präferenz, die nicht ganz ihren Ordensgelübden entsprach, durchaus gefallen ließen. Es konnte dabei zu der grotesken, aber bezeichnenden Situation kommen, daß ein US-amerikanischer Diplomat zurückgelassen wurde, weil er eine schwarze Haut hat und man ihn deshalb automatisch zu den Überflüssigen rechnete.

Selektiert wird von der transnationalen Finanzmacht schon vorher, wenn es um die Verlängerung von Krediten, die Umschuldung der Ärmsten, die Bedingungen für weiter gewährtes Wohlwollen geht.

Selektiert wird durch die GATT-Abkommen, welche der sicherste und unauffälligste Weg zur Ausrottung etwa noch existierender traditioneller Gesellschaften und Kulturen sind.

Selektiert wird an den Grenzen des Schengener Abkommens, auf deutschen Flughäfen, wo das einst sehr liberale deutsche Asylrecht zu einem bürokratischen Fegefeuer geworden ist. Sinn solcher Selektion ist die Bewahrung des Wohlstandsgefälles, das nicht zuletzt durch die vorhergehende Selektion, nämlich die terms of trade, die internationalen Handelsbedingungen, entstanden ist.

Selektiert wird in nie dagewesener Breite und Gründlichkeit in der Arbeitswelt. Die jahrtausendelang geltende Qualifikation eines arbeitswilligen Normalmenschen, der über starke Muskeln, geschickte Hände und einige Ausdauer verfügt, ist völlig unwichtig geworden. Man geht davon aus, daß die erwünschte Produktion der Weltwirtschaft dank der technisch-wissenschaftlichen Innovation von etwa zwanzig Prozent der Weltbevölkerung geleistet werden kann. Der Rest wird vorläufig von der schon etwas tatterigen Wach- und Schließgesellschaft der Nationalstaaten betreut, aber eines Tages, das ist vorauszusehen, muß er entsorgt werden.

Selektiert wird aber auch in den obersten Stockwerken der Weltökonomie. Die Riesensaurier mit den großen Firmen- und Konzernnamen verschlingen einander in mehr oder weniger freundlichen takeovers, wobei mehr oder weniger klar der Endzustand eines weltweiten Gesamtkapitalisten am Horizont erscheint. Wackere Kartellämter versuchen die Entwicklung wenigstens zu bremsen, aber allzuviel Glück haben sie dabei nicht. Man hat für diese Spielchen die Regeln der grausamen Königin in den ökonomischen Regelkreis hineingenommen; was dabei an Schicksalen den Bach hinunter geht, ist unvermeidlich, also uninteressant, und wird höchstens durch sogenannte Sozialpläne abgefedert. Der Gesamtkapitalist am Ende der Selektionskette kann sich dann als Planet-Manager konstituieren und die große Rechnung aufmachen, die über kurz oder lang fällig ist.

- Carl Amery, Hitler als Vorläufer. Auschwitz – der Beginn des 21.Jahrhunderts ?, Luchterhand, München 1998, Seite 176-179 (gekürzt)

Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland ist ein demokratischer und sozialer Bundesstaat. Alle Staatsgewalt geht vom Volke aus. Sie wird vom Volke in Wahlen und Abstimmungen und durch besondere Organe der Gesetzgebung, der vollziehenden Gewalt und der Rechtsprechung ausgeübt. Die Gesetzgebung ist an die verfassungsmäßige Ordnung, die vollziehende Gewalt und die Rechtsprechung sind an Gesetz und Recht gebunden. Gegen jeden, der es unternimmt, diese Ordnung zu beseitigen, haben alle Deutschen das Recht zum Widerstand, wenn andere Abhilfe nicht möglich ist.

- Grundgesetz der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Artikel 20 (der letzte Satz über das Widerstandsrecht wurde 1968, im Zuge der Notstandsgesetze, in den Gesetzestext eingefügt)


Music: Queen’s "We Are the Champions", released as single the 7 October 1977, is from their studio album "News of the World". It has become an anthem for sporting victories and was recently voted catchiest pop song of all time by some sort of 'rocket scientists' who were relying on ‘maths, science, engineering and technology’… I don't like this song, because for me it’s the secret anthem of neoliberalism.

Changes to the Income Tax Act that may affect your 2016 personal tax return

Changes to the Income Tax Act that may affect your 2016 personal tax return

by troutlakegroup @ Trout Lake Group

As the Income Tax Act is ever evolving here are the top five changes you should be aware of: Sale of Principle Residence – new – Individuals who have sold their home on or after January 1, 2016 and claim the principle residence exemption because it was their primary residence for all of the years […]

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The facts on self-employed maternity leave

The facts on self-employed maternity leave

by troutlakegroup @ employment insurance (EI) – Trout Lake Group

Money Sense published an article on self-employed maternity leave, taking advantage of the new legislation allowing self-employed people to register for EI. As this article points out, it would be wise to carefully map out what benefits you may or may not clam vs the contribution amounts. For example, if you do not plan on […]

What time does unemployment money show up on debit card?

What time does unemployment money show up on debit card?


Local news and discussion forums for every city in the US, thousands of cities throughout the world.

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is not responsible for comments posted b…

Time deposit in banks or educational plan???

by noreply@blogger.com (time deposit) @ time deposit

i have a 2-year-old daughter but right now i'm thinking how to save money for her future. let's focus first for her college education...

actually, i have 2 options in mind: save money in banks through time deposit or apply for an educational plan...

but i heard advantages and disadvantages for both of my options and i'm confused on what to choose.

i badly needed opinions on these. thanks!|||You didn't give me enough information for me to give you a comprehensive answer.

First thing you have to figure out is do you anticipate that she will be able to get financial aids. That will depend on you and your daughter's asset and income level.

If you do not anticipate receiving financial aids b/c of your asset/income, then the 529 plan is your most tax efficient way to save for college.

If you do anticipate financial aids, then shifting assets around to maximize the financial aid package is important. In this scenario, putting money away for your retirement planning is far more important. This money if done right will not be counted as a resource in the financial needs calculation. But you still have the option to take this money out to pay for college expenses. Remember as a last resort there are plenty of loans available for education purposes but there is no loan available for retirement purposes.

Lastly, do you have adequate amount of life insurance? All the education planning is useless if something happens to you. There are various kinds of life insurances. There isn't one kind that's better than the others for everyone out there. Again I can't give you more advice without knowing your situation.

I can tell you putting money in the bank is probably your worst bet. Let's say you're getting 4% on a long term CD but average inflation is 3%, so where's the gain?|||here is what i did for my niece -- you can give someone up to 10k a year with out any tax problems. i put the first 10k in cd in her name -- you will have to be listed as trustee. but the interest is in her name.

than i put 10k in her name in a mutual fund which i will let the gains ride in the fund.

next year i will get her another 10k cd

she can draw up to 1600 of unearned income in her name a

year with out effecting your taxes.

when she gets close to the 1600 limit instead of rolling over the cd's and leave the interest with the cd i will start taking the interest and buying saving bonds -- yes i know they do not pay much interest but the interest is not taxable until cashed at that time she will be a student.

good luck and glad to see someone is thinking about the future.|||There are college savings plans in each state called 529 plans. Check out what your state plan offers. Some states have good plans (good investment choices, low costs) and some have bad ones. Check out Money magazine in the library they usually rate them each year. Some states offer a tax deduction for residents that put money in their state plan. That is a good deal if your state plan is good.

If your state doesn't have a good plan or if it doesn't offer a tax deduction you will be better off investing in another state's plan. Again Money Magazine will give you a good suggestion.

The advantage of a 529 plan is that you may get a tax deduction, the money grows tax free and isn't taxed when used for college. (check details of the plan). The 529 plans usually start off the investing more agressive when the children are young and then as they get near college age the investment are more conservative. The disadvantage might be what happens if your child doesn't go to college or if you pick your state's plan doesn't go to a college in your state. Check the details.

This seems better than just a savings plan.

EI workforce reduction program —

by EI Expert @ Canadian Unemployment Insurance

When the company’s business isn’t going well, employer may sometimes negotiate with employees an separation plan in order to keep company business going. The exit plan is called Workforce Reduction Program. Employer must be able to demonstrate that they have spoken to the employees who voluntarily wish to quit their work in order to help...

What time does direct deposit hit your account?

by noreply@blogger.com (time deposit) @ time deposit

Ask your employer or your bank.

Will company pension or CPP/OAS affect my EI benefits? —

by E.I. consultant @ Canadian Unemployment Insurance

What constitute an earning? Pension income resulting from any employment constitutes earnings for benefit purposes. These include: Employer pension plans, including employment as a member of the Armed Forces or any police force. This also applies to pensions from employment in another country, whether or not the employment was insurable. The Canada Pension Plan The...

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What time does direct deposit for chick fila go into your bank account?

by noreply@blogger.com (time deposit) @ time deposit

I work for chick fila in georgia and I bank wellsfargo|||6:09AM.

Plenty repeated time for cam to perform his magic head

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■ It might be safe to say the Steelers a…

Disruption of Vancity banking services

Disruption of Vancity banking services

by troutlakegroup @ Trout Lake Group

Vancity business and personal account holders will experience significant service disruptions beginning 5pm on November 9, 2016 and continuing until mid-day on November 14, 2016. It appears that you will not be able to: – use online, mobile or telephone banking services, – do any in branch transactions including sending or receiving wire transfers, – […]

Will at&t ever lower their deposit, when trying to become a 1st time customer with them?

by noreply@blogger.com (time deposit) @ time deposit

Went to my local wal-mart to try to get on with AT%26amp;T, but when you don't have as near as perfect credit, they will require you to put down a deposit. An employee there told me that AT%26amp;T will start lowering down their deposit soon. Just wanted to know how true is this?|||That employee was mistaken. There is no way that AT%26amp;T is going to lower its credit requirements.|||Hi..No they will not lower the deposit,They may offer pay as you go plan,and not all phones work with pay as you go and you have to pay full price for the phone..Better to go with boost mobile unlimited plan 50 per month,or metro pcs 45 a month...As far as the deposit i have very bad credit i think low 600 fico score and i was required to pay 150 per line so try and see maybe the deposit wont be so bad after all...You will get it back with good payment history and your credit will bulid as well..If they require a huge deposit and you still want att ,then see if someone else would be able to get it for you...hope this helps...New att customer

Top 10 Personal Tax Season FAQs

Top 10 Personal Tax Season FAQs

by troutlakegroup @ Trout Lake Group

We are beginning our 2016 personal tax return preparation season tomorrow.  Although we very much enjoy assisting our clients with the preparation of their personal tax returns, we work long hours at this time of year to do our best to sure everyone’s personal tax return is accurate and filed on time.  If we were […]

Lawyer: Iran halts execution of Kurdish student

by noreply@blogger.com (Matthias Grässlin) @ MANITOU

From Agence France-Presse:

"Iran halts execution of Kurdish student: lawyer

By Hiedeh Farmani (AFP)

TEHRAN — Iran has halted the execution of Kurdish student Habibolah Latifi, who was due to be hanged on Sunday for backing a separatist rebel group, his lawyer told the ISNA news agency.

"The verdict has been halted for the moment," lawyer Nemat Ahmadi told the agency. "The sentence has not been carried out and he has met with his family this morning."

A court in the western city of Sanandaj, Kordestan province, had notified Latifi's other lawyer that he would be hanged Sunday morning, Ahmadi said.

Latifi, a law student, has been convicted of waging war against God (moharebeh) for supporting PJAK, the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan, a banned Iranian-Kurdish rebel group.

In a letter to the judiciary chief Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani on Saturday, Ahmadi said he had requested "a delay in carrying out the verdict, a fair and lawful investigation and commuting of the sentence."

The announcement came as rights groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch called on Iranian authorities not to go ahead with Latifi's execution.

Latifi was originally sentenced to death in 2008 for taking part in armed acts in the western province of Kordestan, according to his other lawyer Saleh Nikbakht -- a ruling upheld on appeal in February 2009.

He was detained in November 2007 and charged with taking part in an assault on the car of the prosecutor in Sanandaj, the capital of Kordestan, and attacking a police station the same year.

According to Nikbakht, Latifi had admitted being a PJAK supporter but denied committing acts of violence. The student told the court he was not in Sanandaj when the attacks took place.

London-based Amnesty on Saturday urged Iran to commute the sentence, after hearing from his lawyer that he was to be executed Sunday at Sanandaj prison in Kordestan.

"While we recognise that governments have a responsibility to bring to justice those who commit crimes, this must be done according to international standards for fair trial," said Amnesty's Malcolm Smart.

"It is clear that Habibolah Latifi did not receive a fair trial by international standards, which makes the news of his impending execution all the more abhorrent," said Smart, Amnesty's Middle East and North Africa director.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch issued a similar statement on Friday, calling on Iran's judges to rescind the execution order and suggesting that Latifi had not had a fair trial.

"The circumstances surrounding Latifi's arrest, detention, and conviction strongly suggest that the Iranian authorities have violated his fundamental rights," said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.

"As in numerous previous security cases, intelligence agents appear to have subjected Latifi to torture and a court sentenced him to death without any convincing evidence against him."

In Paris, a group of between 20 and 30 demonstrators picketed the Iranian embassy in the early hours of Sunday, with some protesters chaining themselves to the railings outside, organisers and police said.

Officers eventually moved in to cut the chains of the protesters and break up what they said was an unauthorised demonstration, said a police spokesman.

Hundreds of militants from the separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which has waged a bloody campaign for self-rule in southeast Turkey, and its sister group in Iran, PJAK, are based in the mountains of northern Iraq."

Is the IRS Direct Deposit reliable and on time at this moment?

by noreply@blogger.com (time deposit) @ time deposit

Thank you. :)|||The IRS generally releases the ACH transactions for tax refunds on Thursday evenings. How long it takes to make it to your bank account depends upon your bank, not the IRS.

Some banks post ACH transactions in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Those would generally be in your account at the beginning of the banking day on Friday.

Many banks still post ACH transactions with the end-of-day batch processing of all of the day's banking business. In that case your refund would be processed Friday evening and would generally be available to you at the beginning of the next banking day, normally on the following Monday unless it's a Federal holiday.

A few very small community banks and credit unions are still not on the Fedline system and/or process ACH transactions manually. In those cases it can take an additional 2 - 5 days for the money to find its way to your account.

I work for a bank holding company that owns about 20 banks. We also provide back-end banking services for about 20 small non-affiliated banks. The normal nightly Fedline run takes about 3 or 4 hours. Thursday's took nearly all night and the Friday evening crew worked until nearly 5:00 AM Saturday getting everything pushed through. They usually get off between midnight and 1:00 AM. If we hadn't put on a couple of extra folks they'd probably still be there making sure that everything posted properly.

As a side note, about 15% of the IRS transactions rejected, indicating that someone had fat-fingered their account number on the tax return or that the name on the account didn't match the name on the ACH transaction. When that happens the money goes back to the IRS. They will then issue a paper check in a week or two. Make SURE that you get the routing number and account number correct when you file! And make SURE that your name in on the bank account that your refund is going to!|||TFTP

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|||Don't know about "at this moment," but I've use it for two years and haven't had a problem.|||It is very reliable; in fact they prefer filers to use e-file and direct deposit, because computers are doing most of the work, not humans.|||should be|||by far the best way...its almost immediate and there is no piece of paper floating around in the mail system. check fraud on treasury checks is a huge blackmarket item. get it down electronically and eliminate that risk.|||I efiled my federal income tax with direct deposit last year, and got the refund back so fast my head spun! It only took 8 days to get it. I'm certainly going to file it that way again this year.|||Every year I have done it this way it has been in my account on the Friday it stated, this year I did not recieve it on 1/25/08 as stated on the "where's my refund" site, so fingers crossed for Monday, I will let you know when I do get it, if you would like...then you can guesstimate yours??|||not reliable this year|||Yes. 8 - 14 days from the date your return was accepted (not filed) by the IRS, If you used software like turbo tax you can check the acceptance date. If you used a service like HR block they gave you a number to call to check when the return was accepted. You will have it within 14 days of that date.

Has anyone received their 2009 tax refund direct deposit on fricking time?

by noreply@blogger.com (time deposit) @ time deposit

i'm mad because mine has been delayed and i read over and over where others are going through the same thing.|||I too am frustrated and angry with the IRS. I was originally givin a date of 1/30/09, then 2/3/09, now the IRS "where's my Refund" says 2/10/09. SO I called the IRS to get an answer and was told my refund was in the error resolution department, but has been corrected, but she couldn't even tell me what the error was. She said it could have been an error on their part but she doesn't know. And then she proceeded to tell me my refund is not showing a deposit date yet, and it could take up to 4 weeks from 1/30/09 to get it. My taxes were accepted on 1/20/09, but they didn't catch this so called mistake til 1/30/09, this is BS! The women from the IRS also told me the "where's my refund" site hasn't been working right, and it is giving inacurate deposit dates. So basically they just give us any BS date and have us sit around and wait, and hope we don't call and complain when the refund doesn't come. And by the way I can't just chill out, I told my landlord I would give him the rent money on the 10th cause thats when the IRS told me I would have my refund, and now I won't have it, so unless you are going to give me $800 for my rent by 2/10/09, don't say just chill out! My husband was laid off in November, we are barely making it, that refund was supposed to pay our Feb. rent and bills, but now I may not have it til March. It does help to rant on here and it also helps to hear that others are having the same problem.

Thanks Luvthis, good luck to you too! I will repost when and if I ever get my refund, or if I get any real responses from the IRS.|||The mistake all of you made is you filed before February 1st. When you filed the final tax code was not completed and was not scheduled to be completed until after Feb 1st. The IRS has to wait on your Congress to complete all of the tax laws before they begin. And this year it was pushed back.

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|||Bill you are wrong because there are many people who did get their tax refund who filed before febuary 1st.

I had mine pushed off a week because I got married last year and they had to verify the name change.

Then come to find out I actually put in the wrong account # for the dd.

so who knows

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|||Mine was supposed to be here by 2/3 as well and nothing. As for "Dances, SRC50 and Angela" who say "chill out, it will get here when it get's here, etc" we ask these questions to see if we are the only ones this is happening to. Many people in these a hard times need that money just to get heating fuel, pay bills, food, etc, as for blood pressure, sometimes it helps just to be able to vent to someone else in the same boat. Do u all just answer questions randomly to rack up the points, seems that way.|||I was supposed to get mine by today ! :( I am very upset also!!! I have been reading posts on all the delays I called Friday spoke to a woman she said mine was fine and all set for DD Friday night. So I have been anxiously waiting because my DD date has never changed its said 2/3 for two weeks. I called a little while ago and a woman told me they had to " perfect it so to speak" and it has been stuck in the rror resolution dept since the 20th of Jan then she said she has never seen one stag|||i for one am very mad also, kids to feed, bills to pay, and no it won't make it come any faster but alot of us relay on that money. and i'm sure alot of you know what i'm talking about. my taxes were received on 1/21 and here it is2/3 and no refund|||to angela, who said chill out, do you have a family to feed? Lost your job, some of us are loooking forward to having some money. I think you should chill.|||I have not got mine yet and I was supposed to have it today; I am annoyed as well.|||NOT a soul...... My phone at the office is nuts with calls, Dont know what the deal is.|||I'm supposed to get mine deposited tomorrow. So we'll see.|||My mom's keeps getting delayed!Its really pissing her off.|||IRS told me Feb. 3 and sure enough i got my refund direct deposited today.|||It's only Feb 3. Chill out.|||What's "fricking" time?

You'll get it when you get it. "Chill out" is the ONLY valid advice here. There's not a thing that you can do to speed up the process so stressing over it isn't going to do anything but raise your blood pressure.

If you don't like waiting on the IRS then cut your withholdings so that you break even or have a small debt to pay next year. That way you are in the driver's seat, have your money ALL year, and don't need to go through the annual anguish of waiting on the return of your interest-free loan to the government back to your pocket.|||You're mad? Guess what? Ranting here isn't going to speed up your refund.

Beware of scammers posing as CRA employees

Beware of scammers posing as CRA employees

by troutlakegroup @ Trout Lake Group

Over the past year a few of our clients have called to say they have received either a threatening telephone call from a person claiming to work for the Canada Revenue Agency who was demanding payment for a tax debt or an email from the Canada Revenue Agency requesting their banking information to facilitate the deposit of their tax refund. […]

buback ponto schleyer der nächste ist ein schweizer

by noreply@blogger.com (Matthias Grässlin) @ MANITOU

Via Econo-Matrix

Restricting Multiplication of the small business limit

Restricting Multiplication of the small business limit

by troutlakegroup @ Trout Lake Group

2016 Federal budget announced measures to reduce a Canadian controlled private corporation’s accessibility to the small business limit by restricting multiplication of the small business limit. The announcement introduced the term specified corporate income (SCI) – defined as income earned through the provision of services or property to another corporation where there is common ownership. […]

Employment Insurance benefits for self-employed people

Employment Insurance benefits for self-employed people

by troutlakegroup @ employment insurance (EI) – Trout Lake Group

Beginning in January 2011, self-employed Canadians will be able to access Employment Insurance (EI) special benefits. There are four types of EI special benefits: maternity benefits; parental benefits; sickness benefits; and compassionate care benefits. Eligibility information You may be eligible to access EI special benefits beginning in January 2011 if you: are a self-employed person; and […]

Delayed EI application —

by E.I. consultant @ Canadian Unemployment Insurance

If you have delayed your EI application (applied beyond the 3 weeks grace period from the day you stopped working), you must still file you online application right away. Sometimes the online application will ask you what is the reason you have delayed your application, you must answer it accordingly. If not, you have to...

Regular Mail Delivery of Employment Insurance Cheques

Regular Mail Delivery of Employment Insurance Cheques


OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 28, 2011) - As a result of the Restoring Mail Delivery for Canadians Act having received Royal Assent, postal operations resumed at 8:30 p.m. EDT, June 27, 2011. This means that regular mail delivery begins on June 28, 2011. Employment Insurance (EI) recipients who receive their...

Common sense

by noreply@blogger.com (Matthias Grässlin) @ MANITOU

Employee or Self-Employed?

Employee or Self-Employed?

by troutlakegroup @ employment insurance (EI) – Trout Lake Group

Another common issue that arises with our clients is the question of  “Employee of Self-Employed?”.  This can have far-reaching effects including severe financial implications if you do not adhere to the regulations. There are checklists provided by both CRA and the Province of BC which will help you determine the status of employees. If you […]

Before Punk (I)

by noreply@blogger.com (Matthias Grässlin) @ MANITOU

“The last great adventure left to mankind” –

Screams a drooping lady
offering her dreamdolls at less than

extortionate prices,

and as the notes and coins are taken out

I’m taken in, to the factory floor.
For the Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging
All ready to use

The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging

I just need a fuse.
Got people stocked in every shade,
Must be doing well with trade.
Stamped, addressed, in odd fatality.
That evens out their personality.
With profit potential marked by a sign,
I can recognize some of the production line,
No bite at all in labour bondage,
Just wrinkled wrappers or human bandage.
The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging
All ready to use
It’s the Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging

- I just need a fuse.
The hall runs like clockwork
Their hands mark out the time,
Empty in their fullness
Like a frozen pantomime.
Everyones a sales representative
Wearing slogans in their shrine.
Dishing out failsafe superlative,
Brother John is No. 9.
For the Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging
All ready to use
It's the Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging

- I just need a fuse.
And the decor on the ceiling
planned out their future day
I see no sign of freewill,
So I guess I have to pay,

pay my way,
for the Grand Parade ...

Grand Parade

Oh, the Grand Parade

Yes, the Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging

- All ready to use
The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging

- just need a fuse.
Grand Parade

Grand Parade

Employment Insurance Tax Credit For Employers

Employment Insurance Tax Credit For Employers

by troutlakegroup @ employment insurance (EI) – Trout Lake Group

In September 2014 Ottawa announced an Employment Insurance (EI) tax credit for employers. Currently employees pay EI rates of $1.88 per $100 of earnings (up to a maximum of $913.68 for 2014). Employers pay the employee rate multiplied by 1.4. For the 2015 and 2016 calendar years employers, who pay $15,000 or less in employer EI contributions […]

All About Employment Insurance - EI Information

All About Employment Insurance - EI Information


Employment Insurance. It is one of those things you really wish you didn't have to pay into every single paycheque. EI covers more than just losing your job.

How do i make a deposit into a savings account for the first time?

by noreply@blogger.com (time deposit) @ time deposit

I just opened up a savings and checking account with wachovia. I have not recieved my ATM card yet so i would like to deposit some cash into my savings account. How do i do this? I have my account number and ID is there anything else i would need?|||~~You have all you need, then just go in and if you know how to feel out a deposit slip, they have blank ones in the lobby. If you have not done one before, just go to a teller, and they will show you how to fill it out. After you get your atm card, you can just use an atm.~~|||Nope, that's all you need. Just go in to the bank and fill out a deposit slip (available at the counter) and give the slip and the cash to one of the tellers.

Time of deposit, of social security check/disability?

by noreply@blogger.com (time deposit) @ time deposit

I get disability money, and I know they deposit it on the 1st of the month. But what time, exactly? Do they do it immediatly that morning, at 12 AM? Thank you.

Basically, what time does the government deposit checks into accounts?|||It's normally immediately when the day starts, at midnight.|||I don't know for sure but I pay my employees that have direct deposit at 12:01 am then again the government is always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to helping people in need

If you have no other option than SSI disability I hope you get better, I doubt your abusing the system those who do should be hung up by their toes and beaten with a oar, those who abuse the system make it more difficult for people like you who need government assistance-just my $0.3 Yah that's right 3 cents because I am smarter than most...LOL!|||Direct deposit checks are supposed to be available by 9am on the date they are due. They can be deposited anytime before then,no way of knowing for sure the exact time they will be there. I've already had my funds deposited the evening before.

Can holidays or outages delay my payments?

Can holidays or outages delay my payments?

Upwork Help Center

The short answer is yes. Here's the long answer–the time it takes to receive direct Upwork-to-bank account payment methods, including ACH, direct to local bank, and wire transfers, are calculated i...

Maternity and Parental Leave - Baby Expenses I

Maternity and Parental Leave - Baby Expenses I

Money Smarts Blog

The post is part of the Baby Expenses Series. See the entire series here. In Canada, new mothers are allowed by law to take 52 weeks off from their jobs. This time off is called maternity leave. Du...

How can I deposit money into my bank account at this time?

by noreply@blogger.com (time deposit) @ time deposit

Hi it's 19.46pm I have a wad of cash on me but no money whatsoever in my bank account. I need to buy something online today and have it delivered by tomorrow (special deliveries obviously). Is there anyway I can get my papercash into my bank account at this time? My bank is lloyds tsb, I'm willing to travel all over this city ( Manchester, UK) to get it done.|||If you have an ATM card you should be able to make the deposit at any Lloyds bank with an ATM. However, the money may not be credited to your account until tomorrow since it is after 2:00 pm and most banks hold all transactions made after 2:00 pm until the next day.|||I don't know lloyds that well, i'm with HSBC. My bank has a machine where you can deposit cash for instant credit. i don't know if lloyds do this. but, i dont think you can have it delivered by tomorrow anyway... It's past last post.

What time does army paycheck direct deposit into usbank for the first time?

by noreply@blogger.com (time deposit) @ time deposit

Thanks!|||It usually hit about 6:00am EST. Try atm a couple of hours later...

Deposit code for Absolute Poker visa deposits that are NOT first-time deposits? Let me know, please!?

by noreply@blogger.com (time deposit) @ time deposit

NOT first time deposit codes.|||send an email to support@absolutepoker.com they will send you a code

A Dry Mediterranean

A Dry Mediterranean

State of the Planet

The Crotone Basin accumulated sediments for nine million years before the forearc uplifted above sea level. Each layer of sand, clay, and conglomerate in the basin contains information about the environment at the time that layer was deposited. About six million years ago, halite and gypsum were deposited in the Crotone Basin. Geologists refer to... read more

Canadian Industry Statistics: How do I Compare?

Canadian Industry Statistics: How do I Compare?

by troutlakegroup @ Trout Lake Group

The Government of Canada provides analysis and detailed information on economic indicators using the most recent data from Statistics Canada on the website, www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/sis-sic.nsf/eng/home.  This website can help small to medium sized businesses understand the dynamics of their industries.  Users can focus on a single industry over time or compare one industry against another. Data […]

EI Payment/ Deposit - April 2017

EI Payment/ Deposit - April 2017

BabyCenter Canada

Is there a specific day of the week or time, EI payments are deposited into your bank account? I was told 2 business days( last Thursday) & Im still waiting

2018 Tax Return – EI T4E Statement from Service Canada

by EI Expert @ Canadian Unemployment Insurance

Every beginning of the year, Service Canada will issue your previous calendar year’s T4E for your EI benefits paid up to December 31st (Cut-off date).  This slip must be filed with your income tax return for that tax year. The T4E indicates the gross amount of benefits paid, the income tax deducted and the amount...

A Message from Syria by actor Fadwa Soliman

A Message from Syria by actor Fadwa Soliman

by noreply@blogger.com (Matthias Grässlin) @ MANITOU

Can you deposit multiple checks at a time?

by noreply@blogger.com (time deposit) @ time deposit

Let's say I have 5 checks from different people, can I deposit them all at once? Wouldn't there be any problem with it?|||Of course you can, why would there be a problem? You sinple list each separately on the deposit slip then add up the total where it says something like "total deposit."|||If you are depositing them by mail, you might need to put additional postage on the envelope, because of the weight and/or thickness.

If the front of the deposit slip does not have room to list 5 checks, then you will have to use the back of the deposit slip.

If you are inserting the checks loose in an ATM machine, then you might have to do them one at a time. If you are using an envelope or are not using an ATM machine, then you can do them all at once.|||yes you can. no there should not be a problem


by admin @ wante.org

  ~Celebrating 37 Years!~ Member News There is no Reference code for EI at Spring Break. Newsletters will be outRead the Rest...

Daily game updates a couple of seasons Pandora Charm Bracelet

by 管理員 @ 三加三紅木典藏傢飾

Like the Hurricanes and Ducks, pandora c…

Employment Insurance Basics in Canada

Employment Insurance Basics in Canada

Monster Career Advice

More than half a million Canadians receive these funds monthly. In case you need to be among them, know what’s involved.

Best bank for Time deposit?

by noreply@blogger.com (time deposit) @ time deposit


Which is the best bank for time deposit?

Is it the right time to invest my savings in time deposit even though there is economic crisis?

Thanks in advance


|||ALL USA banks are FDIC insured upt to $250,000 until Dec 2009. The the law reverts back to $100,000 FDIC insurance unless the law is changed again.

|||bankrate.com has current CD rates.

Is EI payment deposited weekly or bi-weekly? —

by E.I. consultant @ Canadian Unemployment Insurance

EI payment is issued out every 2 weeks after you have completed your online EI report. In the situation where you are ask to complete a manual report, you will only get your payment after the paper report is received and processed at EI processing office. Keep in mind that EI will only pay out...

Before Punk (II)

by noreply@blogger.com (Matthias Grässlin) @ MANITOU

I see faces and traces of home
back in New York City –

So you think I'm a tough kid?
Is that what you heard?

Well I like to see some action

and it gets into my blood.

They call me the trail blazer –
Rael - electric razor
I’m the pitcher in the chain gang,
we don't believe in pain

‘cos we're only as strong, yes
we’re only as strong,

as the weakest link in the chain.

Let me out of pontiac when
I was just seventeen, I had to get it out of me, if you know
what I mean, what I mean.

You say I must be crazy, ‘cos I don’t
care who I hit, who I hit.

But I know it’s me that’s hittin’ out
and I’m, I’m not full of shit.

I don’t care who I hurt, I don’t
care who I do wrong. This is your mess I’m stuck in,
I really don't belong. When I take out my bottle,
filled up high with gasoline, you can tell by the night fires
where Rael has been, has been.

As I cuddled the porcupine

he said I had none to blame, but me.

Held my heart, deep in hair, time to shave, shave it off, it off.

No time for romantic escape, when your fluffy heart is ready for rape.


No time for romantic escape,

when your fluffy heart is ready for rape.


Off we go ...

Your sitting in your comfort
you don't believe I’m real,

you cannot buy protection
from the way that I feel.

Your progressive hypocrites
hand out their trash,

but it was mine in the first place,
so I’ll burn it to ash.

And I’ve tasted all the strongest meats, and laid them down in coloured sheets.


them down

in coloured shields.

Who needs illusion of love and affection

when you’re out walking in the streets
with your mainline connection?


As I cuddled the porcupine

he said I had none to blame, but me.

Held my heart, deep in hair, time to shave, shave it off, it off.

No time for romantic escape, when your fluffy heart is ready for rape.


… No time.

Converting EI sickness benefits to regular benefits

by E.I. consultant @ Canadian Unemployment Insurance

Converting from sickness to regular EI Once you are recovered from your illness and ready to start looking for work, you can request to convert your claim back to regular EI by calling EI call centre or re-apply online. This time, you have to submit another doctor’s note to confirm that you have been recovered...

Do you want to earn 20% p.a. on your Bank Time Deposit (Phils)?

by noreply@blogger.com (time deposit) @ time deposit

The concept "Double your money in 5 years" means earning 20% p.a. Net on your Bank Time-Deposit (Phils) with interests released Monthly. This will help fuel our economy by helping fund Small %26amp; Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Email for details at %26lt;finance_phils@yahoo.com%26gt; Deposits are duly insured by PDIC.|||Sounds legit. (NOT)

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